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Grammar Bites: The Ellipsis

Ah, the ellipsis. The ellipsis can be a bit of a pain, but once mastered, it’s a great tool. For the purpose of this post, I’m only talking about using the ellipsis in fiction, not as it is applied to journalism, nonfiction, or academic texts. First, what are ellipses used for? They are used to ...

Word Games: Air-conditioning

According to Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary, Now, check out this photo. I just took these screenshots at @ 8 p.m. June 14, 2013. The “older” version of the dictionary is supposed to be the free version, but yet they’ve got their crap more together on the air conditioning thing than the unabridged version. Merriam-Webster sucks swamp ...

Grammar Bite: Thank you. No, thank you!

There are actually two ways to write thank you. No, seriously. I promise.   Thank you, when used as a phrase, is two words. However, when used as a noun, it’s hyphenated. Examples: She gave away bookmarks to her readers as a small thank-you for their loyalty. “Thank you so much for reading!”