Take your dialogue from busted to brilliant in

3 SIMPLE steps.

  • Say goodbye to stilted dialogue that doesn't engage readers.
  • Say hello to immersive conversations that add depth your characters and bring vibrancy to your world. And, most importantly, hook your readers.
  • Quick, to-the-point tricks and clear examples will have you up and running in about 15 minutes. 
Tighten Your Dialogue in 3 Simple Steps

My clients include…

Dannika Dark
Dianne Duvall
Elizabeth Hunter
Gena Showalter
Ilona Andrews
Lynn Raye Harris
Nalini Singh
Thea Harrison
Anne Victory
Hi—I'm Anne

So real quick...

You may be wondering why the hell you should listen to me or what I could possibly teach you. That's fair. 🙂 So while I'm not going to do a pitch on editing, I will say that I've been working with authors for over a decade. I edit for NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors, including Dannika Dark, Dianne Duvall, Elizabeth Hunter, Gena Showalter, Ilona Andrews, Lynn Raye Harris, Nalini Singh, and Thea Harrison. I've edited almost 500 books as of this writing and would love to help you with your own writing journey.