at the thought of your next release!

Here's what's included with Refine Your Lines!

You can get it now for just $297.00!

🔖 Recordings of my exact live conference materials 

🔖 Exclusive video & audio content—NEVER BEFORE SEEN LESSONS about honing your writing craft

🔖 Access to PDF slide decks so that YOU can follow along at your own pace

🔖 Bonus: A coupon for 10 percent off PerfectIt, an amazing editing tool that runs checks for consistency errors and common gotchas, plus a video I made to familiarize you with how to use it. And as if that weren't enough, I'll give you my PerfectIt style sheet to import into the app—and I've been adding to for about four years now, so it's got a LOT under the hood that doesn't normally come with it. 🏎️

🔖 Bonus: Membership in the Refine Your Lines Facebook group 

🔖 Bonus: An in-depth discussion on writing resources 

🔖 Bonus: Bite-sized lessons on common grammar gotchas (with more being added all the time)

🔖 Bonus: Networking and how to use it to boost your career 

🔖 Bonus: A fillable PDF checklist to use as you self-edit your projects 

🔖 Bonus: A downloadable copy of the companion e-book in mobi or epub format

🔖 Bonus: Interactive Q & A sessions (upcoming)

And you receive a pretty certificate of completion for those of us who love certificates.  🤩 

All this can be yours right now for just $297.00!

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Completing a Manuscript that is DONE and won't embarrass you or cost more editing hours than needed is a fantastic goal and a great first step...  but what happens next? 

AMAZON REVIEWS cannot make up for an unengaged audience! 

IMMERSIVE WRITING is what separates top-ranking novels that sit beloved and frequently revisited on bookshelves and the books that go unread, ultimately to be tossed or forgotten. 

IMMERSIVE WRITING is the difference between fans who impatiently and vocally await your sequels and 1-star reviews from the bitter woman whose hopes were dashed by your flaccid storyline and flat characters. 

There exists a handful of nearly invisible techniques that will keep readers firmly entrenched in your world.

And I am offering them to you RIGHT NOW!

Natural talent only gets you so far... All the great authors had to WORK for it too!

Now you too will know the MOST impactful tweaks to more quickly create a tantalizing storyline WITHOUT spending weeks or months chipping away at it!

These are the same techniques I share with my clients, including...

Dannika Dark
Dianne Duvall
Elizabeth Hunter
Gena Showalter
Ilona Andrews
Lynn Raye Harris
Nalini Singh
Thea Harrison

Jilly Wood

"After I had Anne edit The Seeds of Power and then published, I invested in her in-depth master class, Refine Your Lines. I’d say I already got my money’s worth."

Jilly Wood
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As a member of this master class, you'll be able to:

  • Avoid the number one mistake that puts readers to sleep.
  • Seamlessly layer in backstory and information so that it pulls readers farther IN to the story instead of pulling people out of the story.
  • Make your dialogue sing so readers feel like they’re in the room with your characters.
  • MASTER "show vs tell" so well that even your college lit professor would have ZERO snarky edit suggestions!
  • Write in an Immersive style without taking away from your unique creative voice.
  • Use the camera trick to up your readers’ engagement. 
  • Sidestep overwriting like you’d avoid gum on the sidewalk.
  • And know when to actually EMBRACE repetition!

 And so much more...

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Learn your way!
Video, audio, text? Check!

The core course material includes video, audio, and text with the ability to download PDF slides and audio.


Master self-editing skills at your own pace.

Can’t go to your favorite writers’ con? These modules cover everything I talk about at conferences! AND MORE!

Chat bubbles

Get in-depth answers to your questions!

I’ll cover questions sent in by students in interactive Q and A sessions. Interact with other students. You won't get left in the dark.


Notice results in your writing immediately!

From the very first lesson, you’ll get practical, actionable writing tips you can apply to your own stories.

"So good! Loved every bit of the information contained here. It actually reignited the spark of writing for me. Thanks for sharing part of you with me. I'm really glad I signed up to be Inspired by you. I can see myself making time for writing again. ❤️"

Nixlee Zener

Nixlee Zener

"After I had Anne edit The Seeds of Power and then published, I invested in her in-depth master class, Refine Your Lines. I’d say I already got my money’s worth."

Jilly Wood

Jilly Wood

Still Not Sure? Check out the FAQ...

How long is this class?

The main  video lessons run about 12 hours. The Grammar Bites videos run about 5 minutes each, and I am continuously adding to those, so I can't give a firm number on them.


Is this really going to help me improve my writing craft?

Yes! Absolutely yes. These are tips and tricks that might ordinarily take you years to learn or figure out on your own. This class will add so many techniques to your writer's toolbox that you'll start seeing your writing in a new light.

Can I buy this and get a refund if I don't like it?

You can ask for a refund within 30 days if you don't like the class. I won't ask you to submit work or jump through hoops, but if it's due to technical problems (hey, it happens), I will try to help you get up and running. 🙂

But I'm betting that once you dive in and see the difference Refine Your Lines makes in your writing, you'll be hooked!

What if I haven't finished my story yet?

That's totally cool—you'll be able to implement these strategies as you write. And the more you practice them, the more these techniques will become second nature.

What if I suck at grammar?

Don't worry—I got you!

  1. As a bonus, you'll get my Grammar Bites, which are short videos covering the grammar gotchas that I see on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Most of the topics covered are not actually about grammar but rather your voice, writing style, and story craft.

How long will I have access to the class?

For the lifetime of the course, and that includes all updates! Should I change course platforms, you'll be granted a coupon so you can still access the course, and if I ever decide to discontinue the course, I'll make the contents available for download before it's pulled. 

What this means: you don't have to stress out if you're busy or have deadlines looming or sick kids, pets, etc. The course will still be waiting for you when you're ready.

Will I always be able to get this great deal on the class?

I can't make any guarantees regarding the price I offer the class at. Like most things in life, the price will probably go up at some point in the future.

Developing Expert Writing Skills Has Never Been More Affordable!

With the Refine Your Lines Immersive Writing master class, you’ll learn to utilize the same skills practiced by professionals.

Self-Editing mastery helps you:

  • Engage your readers on deeper emotional levels and create Rabid Fans!
  • Make your story more immersive, enrapturing nearly ALL of their senses, creating a desire for more, More, MORE!
  • Sharpen your language so that no simple editing mistakes trigger your readers to "come back to reality" right when the story was just getting good.

And much, much more.

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Supercharge your writing journey.

For just $297, you'll get instant access to everything.

Learning advanced writing skills and techniques has a PRICELESS impact on your long-term career!. You can even split the payments up.

Start your journey toward a lifetime of Immersive Writing mastery today!

Enroll now to get all these great bonuses!

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Refund Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee

Request a refund within 30 days and I'll return your payment, no questions asked.

Lifetime Access and Updates

Access the lessons on any device you own, whenever you want. No restrictions. Even better, you'll receive all future updates at no additional cost.

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