Take your manuscript from rough draft to ready for submission in a weekend so you can STOP second-guessing yourself and begin getting your stories out to the world!

Practical, story-enhancing fixes for fiction writers in just 10 quick lessons in this online course from Anne Victory, editor for NYT and USA Today best-selling authors.

Typing "The End" is a big deal no matter how many books you have under your belt.

You should be proud of yourself!

But don't let that pride and sense of accomplishment turn into self-sabotage by talking yourself into NOT taking the next (slightly less fun but INCREDIBLY necessary) step—SELF-EDITING!

On the road to getting published, "The End" is far from the end—in fact, it’s just the beginning.

Did you know that more books are written and NEVER PUBLISHED than ever ARE PUBLISHED each year?

What's the biggest reason why?

Some Authors just CAN'T let go of their work... and fear is to blame.

Fear of criticism...

Fear of failure...

Fear that the story did not materialize in black and white the way it felt in your soul...

Who can blame you? This type of work is HIGHLY personal, and it's easy to feel like your manuscript is an extension of your SELF.

And honestly, professional editing can get EXPENSIVE!

As a professional editor, my JOB is to ensure authors become publishable so that your inspiring and unique voice can be heard.

All too often I read something that could be groundbreaking... if it weren't RIDDLED with ERRORS that are easily fixed!

Yes, an editor's job is to fix those errors, but unless an author commissions a rewrite and an extensive number of editing hours from a team of experts... there is only so much we can do!


Let's say we measure manuscript excellence on a scale from 1–10.

1 being the story my kindergarten niece wrote during her first week in school...

And 10 being Shakespeare (or sub YOUR favorite writer here if you can't stand the Bard)

A really good editor can take a manuscript handed in at a 5 and bring it to an 8. Maaaaaybe a 9. 

In contrast, a manuscript turned in at a 3 can only be brought up to a 5, MAX! 

Now, I know we just met, but I guarantee you want to put out the most polished book you possibly can and to make your readers happy (so that they tell their friends and buy your next book. HECK, maybe your words even change their life!).

But you don't have endless funds for rewrites, and you sure as heck don't have all year to get it done!

Self-editing is the next critical step after "THE END,"  but NOBODY teaches authors how to do this WELL and QUICKLY! Until now...

Introducing the Manuscript Makeover!

Make the commitment...

This is for you if...

✋ The fear of basic writing faux pas that distract from the true message and readability of your book has you at a standstill.

✋ You've typed "The End" but know you've still got some work to do before sending your work to a professional editor... BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO NEXT!

✋ You wish someone would give you a clear list of "What to do" in order to prevent you from submitting a manuscript with embarrassing mistakes that cause you to incur more editing fees than you anticipated OR be forced to publish a rough book that causes readers to set your book down unfinished.

The Manuscript Makeover has been carefully designed to help you polish your manuscript professionally and FAST because I know what it's like to be rushing to deadline and choked by fear. 

Grab your copy right now for instant access and finally complete your work stress-free!


SAVE MONEY—Once done, you can expect to need fewer costly professional editing hours and rewrite fees.

Save TIME—You can complete the entire thing in just 48 hours!

Save SANITY—I know the "crazy artist" is a romantic image and all, but let's keep you around for the sequel, shall we? 

Progress 100% guaranteed! If you take all 10 steps and DON'T have a manuscript that is farther along than it was before... I will personally give you your purchase price back, and you can KEEP access to the checklist! 

Manuscript Makeover Mockup
Manuscript Makeover Price

The Manuscript Makeover is a quick course designed to let you self-edit your manuscript in a matter of days! 

Not weeks, and for goodness' sake, Not YEARS!

Seriously, you can go from Draft to DONE in a mere weekend!

Stop wasting your creative energy agonizing over every last word, looking for something that subconsciously proves your manuscript is "not ready." 

Instead, grab this 10-step guide to catching and fixing the BIGGEST story-crushing pitfalls and KNOW with certainty that your manuscript will be well received!

FINALLY feel confident that your story is ready for another set of eyes!

The techniques you'll be guided through are the exact same techniques I have seen and used while professionally editing hundreds of well-known, best-selling  authors.

Worried you're not ready for agents, editors, or beta readers? Well, stop. I'll show you how to spot—and fix!—the MOST COMMON writing mistakes that sabotage a great story.

These are the same techniques I share with my clients, including...

Dannika Dark
Dianne Duvall
Elizabeth Hunter
Gena Showalter
Ilona Andrews
Lynn Raye Harris
Nalini Singh
Thea Harrison
Martin Richards

"From the first lesson of the Manuscript Makeover, I saw issues with my own manuscript. This class has opened my eyes to many exciting techniques I can use in my next story."

—Martin Richards

Manuscript Makeover Price
Manuscript Makeover Mockup

What You Will Receive:

Ten bite-sized lessons that focus on the Lost Rules of Storytelling:

  • Lesson 1: Infodumps 
    Details are amazing... but only if they serve the story! Learn to recognize when you've gone TOO far and how to fix it!

  • Lesson 2: Dialogue mechanics
    Declutter your character's convos by removing as much "he said, she said" as possible without confusing your audience. 

  • Lesson 3: Show vs. tell in dialogue
    You know how books are always better than movies because books allow the reader to fill in some blanks? Yeah... This lesson will make sure you have just enough blanks to ENHANCE the story by inviting the reader to fill in THEIR best version instead of spoon-feeding them. 
  • Lesson 4: Carrying show vs. tell forward to your narrative
    Show vs. tell is a natural way for people to communicate in real life... Be sure you are carrying that over into your character DIALOGUE as well!

  • Lesson 5: Point of view
    Learn a vital trick to deepen your point of view and avoid head-hopping and BOOK DROPPING!

  • Lesson 6: Overwriting 
    These seven key areas will have your narrative tidier in no time. AKA know when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • Lesson 7: Saying it once—trust your reader!
    Repetition is needed... sometimes. But too much can make a reader feel patronized! This ONE KEY concept can strengthen your storytelling immediately!

  • Lesson 8: Tense issues
    DO tenses make you... well... TENSE? Quickly spot tense issues in your story and nuke them—no English degree or headache medicine  required!

  • Lesson 9: The dreaded play-by-play
    If someone hyperventilates reading your book out loud:  "And this happened (inhale) and then that happened (inhale) and then he said (inhale)" pace of writing... this section helps you tighten your pacing and increase the natural flow. 

  • Lesson 10: Make your life easier by using styles in Word
    A quick overview on how to make Microsoft Word's Styles feature help you
Anne Victory

Hi! I'm Anne Victory!

You may be wondering who the heck I am, and that's okay. 🙂

I'm a freelance editor, and I've been editing fiction books for over a decade now. My clients include New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors and award winners  as well as new authors who are working on their first book. I believe strongly in the power of the written word... But without proper editing, truly remarkable messages simply fall flat. 

I have seen too many gifted writers fall into the trap of overwhelm when it comes to the actual business side of getting published. 

Editing, marketing, financing... Yuck! Am I right? 

But it is all needed in order to get YOUR stories out into the hands of your future rabid fans!

The techniques shared in the Manuscript Makeover are the purest, most no-nonsense strategies to get ANY manuscript to the professional, edit-ready level. 

With the quick, clear, and no-nonsense lessons of the Manuscript Makeover, you can rest easy that ANY piece you submit will not only ensure your true message shines through (because it will no longer be obscured by some major writing errors) but also that you will present yourself as a professional who is ready for the big time!


"I've written several books and read numerous books on writing. I didn't think there was anything 'new' out there. This little information-packed gem proved me wrong and had me oohing and aaahing all over the place. Anne Victory's Manuscript Makeover was a study in clear, succinct, utterly intelligible writing. It hit the perfect spot between casual tone and precise description. I wish this had been available years ago. It would have cut so many writing failures from my journey. I know the title talks about polishing a manuscript, but what she teaches about the elements of good writing is fundamental for every author. This class gets my highest recommendation."

PE Kavanagh

PE Kavanagh

"Anne's Manuscript Makeover course is a life saver. Not only does she give you the down and dirty on self-editing must-haves, she also injects anecdotes, handy examples, and her special brand of humor into every installment, so this course isn't just educational, it's actually FUN."

Navessa Allen

Navessa Allen

"I decided on an extended sample edit of my WIP after participating in Anne's Manuscript Makeover course. I liked her style and wanted her to peruse the work for me. Anne was through and explained the reason behind the edits, unlike others who just mark and expect you to follow along. I learned, yes LEARNED, more about my style. I'll definitely hire Anne Victory again."

Violet Tempest

Violet Tempest

"I loved it! It was fun, informative, and very relevant. I enjoyed your sense of humor, and your passion for writing is inspiring. I learned, and I giggled. Who could ask for more?"

Kathy Altman

Kathy Altman

"From the first lesson of the Manuscript Makeover, I saw issues with my own manuscript. This class has opened my eyes to many exciting techniques I can use in my next story."

Martin Richards

Martin Richards

"Loved it!! Crystal clear, actionable, warm, and witty. A wonderful resource. Anne really knows her stuff!"

Amy J. Heart

Amy J. Heart

All the Tools You Need to Polish Your Manuscript

🔖 Top Ten List of MOST ESSENTIAL and MOST FORGOTTEN edits that take any manuscript from draft to DONE in 48 hours or less!

🔖 Brief and powerful written lessons that go along with each point on the TOP TEN list so that you gain deeper insight into how to actually SPOT and FIX those errors

🔖 DOWNLOADABLE audio recording of each lesson to ensure you can do this even if you're on the go (or simply need a break from looking at a screen)

🔖 Bonus: The companion e-book, How to Polish Your Manuscript in 10 Days (for when you want a refresher or to look over everything without being tied to a screen)

🔖 Today's Extra Bonus: Get a sneak peek into my own personal bookshelf! Enroll now and receive my essential guide to the must-haves for your bookshelf. There are literally thousands of books on writing! But not all are worth your time! I'll give you a list of the ones that are actually are.

Total value: $117.00

GET IT NOW for just $27.00!

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Frequently asked questions...

How long is this class? I'm on a deadline!

That's okay—the Manuscript Makeover is designed to be quick with tricks you can use right now to take your story to the next level. You should be able to complete the class within a couple of hours and implement the techniques within a couple of days, possibly faster depending on your story and other commitments. 

Is this really going to help me polish my story?

Yes! Absolutely yes. The things I cover in this class are the same issues I encounter when I'm editing for my clients, many of whom are USA Today and New York Times best-selling authors.

Can I buy this and get a refund if I don't like it?

Absolutely! Progress  is 100% guaranteed! If you take all 10 steps and DON'T have a manuscript that is farther along than it was before... I will personally give you your purchase price back, and you can KEEP access to the checklist! 

What if I haven't finished my story yet?

That's totally cool—you'll be able to implement these strategies as you write, which will save you time in the long run. Then, once you've finished your story, you can go back through and do another pass.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you're...

Writing Your First Book

Like most other skills, writing takes a lot of work, and there are so many things to learn. Perfecting your craft can take years, but this class will shave serious time off that learning curve and get you ahead of your peers!

Working on Your Fifth or Tenth Book

Some of the techniques I talk about are things you might not pick up until much later in your writing career. But you can learn them now and avoid losing a potential lifelong fan!

A Veteran Author

You'll still find tips and tricks you can use in your manuscripts. The issues I cover here are things I come across all the time in my editing, even when I'm working on stories from best-selling authors.

So What's Next?

Click below to sign up for the class. If you're already a member of Victory Academy, you'll be asked to log in and you'll see the class immediately in your library. If this is your first class with me, you'll be prompted to set up an account. (Check your inbox for your log-in info!)

Grab your beverage of choice, something to take notes with, and your computer, tablet, or phone.

Let's get ready to blast through your editing and get you one step closer to PUBLISHED!

Watch and Learn

Take the class whenever you're ready! It's that easy, I promise!

And you can come back to visit anytime you need a refresher!

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Ready to do this?

Sign up now and have your manuscript polished and ready to send to your agent or editor in just a couple of short days!  You'll get:

❧ Top Ten Professional Editors Checklist ($9 value)
❧ Ten short, easy-to-implement lessons to help you FIND and FIX the items on the editing list ($49 value)
❧ A walk-through on using Styles with Microsoft Word ($39 value)
❧ Audios of the writing lessons ($20 value)

Valued at $117

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My personal resource list! ($10 value)

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