Crystalle’s Projects

Crystalle is one of my assistants and handles the majority of Oops Detection. She has a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Investigation and is fluent in English and German with some proficiency in Spanish, French, and Latin. These are some of the projects she’s gone CSI on.


Oops Detection® Projects (Most Recent 200)


Earth in Darkness
Earth Remembers
Hearts Don't Lie
Lost Hearts
Christmas Bride
Gentleman Jim
His Forever Girl
House of Scepters
His Brown-Eyed Girl
Dangerous Masquerade
The Dragon of Cecil Court
Exit Through The Jungle
Justice for Lauren
Forbidden Loyalties
Fair as a Star
Date for Hire
Free Fall: A Thriller
The Return


* Some books were previously published. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about a particular title.