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NetGalley is one of the largest digital ARC distribution sites in the industry. A huge advantage of listing your title on NetGalley’s platform is access to people you might not otherwise reach, from reviewers for major publications like USA Today and Publishers Weekly to librarians and booksellers looking for new titles to purchase.

I’ve been running a NetGalley co-op for over a decade, and mine is the longest-running co-op on NetGalley. Below is some basic information about what NetGalley is and how my co-op works. If you have additional questions not covered below or you’d like to join the co-op, please drop me an email.

Some quick links with more info / reflections on being in a co-op:

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  • $450.00 per year (starting in June, price will be $500 / year). There’s a grace period for one quarter that I can prorate the fee. From September on, only monthly slots will be available.
  • $50.00 / month if renting a short-term slot). Starting in June, price will be $55 / month.

  • For monthly rentals: your slot will not be reserved until your invoice is paid. I recommend starting the signup process at least a week before you need a slot.
  • Marketing extras such as newsletters, category spotlights, etc. have a $25 administration fee in addition to the cost of the promotional opportunity
  • A nonrefundable 5% fee will be added if you want to use a credit card (as opposed to PayPal balance or eCheck via PayPal) or live outside the US. This applies to yearly leases, monthly rentals, and the add-on promo opportunities.

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Have other questions? Feel free to drop me an email!