Manuscript Pre-formatting

Send your manuscript to your formatter, ready to go with appropriate styles for chapter headings, scene breaks, indented quotes, and the like. We can pre-format your novel so that it’s a clean document, ready for graphics and front and back matter.

This will include:

  • Deleting all tabs, extra lines, and extra spaces
  • Adding chapter-heading styles
  • Adding styles for scene breaks, body text, indented quotes, and other style types as needed


  • .001 per word ($50 for 50,000 words, $100 for 100,000 words, etc.).
If you’d like to do this yourself, I have a step-by-step guide. If you’d rather save the time, I’ll pre-format your manuscript for you.

Get Started

You may be asking yourself why this matters. There are actually some very good reasons.

  1. Revisions: An organized manuscript makes it easier for you to make revisions. It’s hard to see dialog and such when your text is all crammed together with no rhyme or reason.
  2. Editing: Part of my job as an editor is to make suggestions for dialog pacing, group speech with action so that it’s clear who the speaker is, arrange paragraphs so that they flow from one to the next. I can’t do that if it’s hard to make paragraph adjustments.
  3. Time: If you do your own formatting, this will save you time in the long run.
  4. Money: If you outsource your formatting, this will save your formatter time, and that’s going to ultimately save you money.

This service is not to be confused with e-book formatting. This is merely to prepare your manuscript for the production process.