Gift Certificates

Have a friend or relative who's an author and you have no idea what to get them? Why not opt for something they'll use and love? A gift certificate for editing services or writing classes would be perfect.

Services at a Glance

Not quite sure what each service includes? Here's a quick chart for side-by-side comparison, plus samples!

Developmental Editing

Typing "The End" begins the editing process. Your developmental editor might not be your first reader, but she will likely be your first professional reader. In dev editing, we read with a critical eye for the big picture and other structural concerns.

Line Editing

Now it’s time to tighten the language, fix awkward sentences, and make sure each sentence is polished to a high sheen. This is where we strengthen dialogue, smooth out transitions, and make sure each chapter ends on a note that has your readers wanting to stay up reading one more chapter.


Already have an editor who does great work for you? Fantastic. But that's only the first step of the production process. We can provide a fresh set of eyes on your project and get you one step closer to the quality read you strive to give your readers.

Oops Detection® Final Pass Service

You're almost ready to go. Your manuscript's been through edits and copyediting, and you feel like you've read it so many times you can recite it by heart. But... you'd feel better with just one more set of eyes on your book before it goes live.  

NetGalley Co-op

Victory Editing runs a NetGalley co-op. This co-op has been in existence for over a decade, making it the longest-running co-op out there. NetGalley is one of the largest eARC-distribution sites available. One of the huge advantages is that it gives you access to reviewers you might not otherwise reach.

Formatting / Interior Layout & Design

Most Victory Editing clients already have a formatter, and if you do, that’s great! If you don’t, however, or your normal person is booked, we can help!

Manuscript Pre-formatting

Send your manuscript to your formatter, ready to go with appropriate styles for chapter headings, scene breaks, indented quotes, and the like. We can pre-format your novel so that it’s a clean document, ready for graphics and front and back matter.