Tasha’s Developmental Editing Project List

Tasha, a gifted writer herself, loves helping authors perfect and polish their own work. Examining characters and plot, she’ll identify both the weak and strong elements in your manuscript and give guidance on how to hone the narrative and bring it to the next level.

Tasha’s superexcited to work with you on your project. Let her take your good story and help you kick it up to epic!

Tasha was thorough and prompt and easy to ask questions. She’s also just a fun person. We now hang out online and she’s smart and engaging and snarky and kind.

So yeah! Hire her!”

Sarah M. Anderson
RITA winner and Bestselling Author

Developmental Editing Projects


The Prince Who Loved Me
A Spell to Die For
Cherishing the Goddess
Love Without Limits
Everything's Better with Kimberly
Painted Skies
Without Hesitation


* Some books were previously published. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about a particular title.