Grammar: Daresay or Dare Say?

Daresay—is it one word or two? Here’s a crazy little thing that you might not know: it’s one word. Yes, that’s right. It’s one of those words you don’t hear all that often anymore, but it’s a lot of fun. I always picture myself saying it with a very proper British accent, and it makes […]

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Grammar: Verb Tenses and Sequencing of Action

Verb tenses can be tricky when you’re trying to sequence action in your manuscript. Depending on how you phrase a sentence, the actions can be simultaneous rather than sequential. Consider the following example. She finished cleaning the kitchen when the doorbell rang. That reads that she finished cleaning the kitchen at the same time that the doorbell […]

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Style Choice for Writers: Should You Capitalize or Lowercase Names of Dances?

Characters dancing comes up pretty often in fiction. There are nights out clubbing with friends, weddings, heck, sometimes characters just start doing the Macarena in their kitchen. And that inevitably leads to the question of how that should be written. Capitalized? In quotes? Italics? All lowercase? That last option definitely doesn’t seem right. This question […]

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